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New AlertCops alert to report hate crimes is now available

AlertCops makes available to the public a new version of the app that includes an alert to report all kinds of hate crimes.

This icon is found in the main menu of the app and allows any user of it to report cases of physical or verbal discrimination of which they have been a victim or witness to the Law Enforcement Agencies.

Among the hate crimes that can be reported, those motivated by racism, LGTBIQ + phobia, religion or beliefs, disability, ideology, among others stand out. 

How can I report a hate crime?

If one person was hostile to another because of their race, sexual orientation, ideology, religion, disability, or other discriminatory motive, they could have committed a hate crime.

In addition to using the app as an alternative channel to communicate these types of cases, any citizen can also report them to Law Enforcement Agencies.

For this, it is advisable to provide all the information that may be relevant, from demonstrations and clothing of the alleged author, to symbols, tattoos, anagrams, if there is any witness who witnessed the events, etc.

Likewise, the National Office for the Fight against Hate Crimes of the Ministry for Home Affairs makes available to the public a police attention service available through email 

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