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Questions about AlertCops registration

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If you misspelled your phone number during the registration process, please let us know by sending us an email to our support email address

If you do not receive the SMS with the validation code, check that you do not have more than one SIM card associated with the same phone number. In this case, only the card that is identified as the main card in the service contract with your operator will receive the code.

For AlertCops to work, the terminal must have a valid SIM.

You need to uninstall the app and reinstall it. On the home screen you have to validate the new number by pressing "VALIDATE YOUR MOBILE PHONE". You will receive an SMS code to finish the process. If you are going to stop being the owner of that number, you must communicate it to

Both the modification of user data and the cancellation of the service are available in "MORE -> MY DATA" and in "MORE -> SUBSCRIBE FROM SERVICE", respectively.

Questions about sending alerts

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  1. Select in the menu the icon of the alert you want to communicate.
  2. You can send an image or video.
  3. Indicate who it happened to.
  4. Confirm the alert: your position and data will be sent to the nearest alert center.

Yes, through the CHAT option, you can report any matter that the State Security Forces and Corps should be aware of.

Once you have sent an alert and the chat has been enabled, you will be able to select the language in which you want to be attended in the buttons located in the upper right part of the chat window.

Questions about Guardian

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  1. Enter the Guardian section and select "ADD A NEW GUARDIAN"
  3. You can enter the data or allow AlertCops to access your calendar. Submit the Guardian Request

Once the Guardians you have selected accepts your request, you will become their PROTECTED

  1. Enter the Guardian section and select "ADD A NEW GUARDIAN"
  2. Click on " CUERPOS DE SEGURIDAD "
  3. Select the service you want to subscribe to click on SAVE

From that moment on, you are sharing your position with the State Security Forces and Corps so that, in case of emergency or risk, the police centers can assist you more effectively.

Both Guardians and Protected have to configure a High Security Level in Alertcops.

You can choose the Security Level you want (High, Medium or Low) in the "MORE" menu of the application.

Questions about SOS Button

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  1. Enter the MORE section and select “SOS Button”.
  2. Activate the "Notice to my guardians" option.
  3. Select which Guardians you want to send your notices to and accept the permissions requested by the app.
  1. Enter the MORE section and select “SOS Button”.
  2. Activate the option "Notice of vulnerable group".
  3. Complete the field "Group code" with the code that will be provided in your center.
  4. Complete the "Identifier" field with your DNI or NIE.
  1. Touch and hold an empty space on a home screen.
  2. Touch Widgets.
  3. Find "SOS Button"
  4. Press and hold the “SOS Button” widget.
  5. Slide the widget to the location you want. Raise your finger.
  1. Swipe right on the home screen or lock screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and press Edit.
  3. To add a widget, press +
  4. To finish, press OK.

Other questions

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No. Your position is only sent when you communicate an alert or decide to enable a PUBLIC GUARDIAN.

The Security Level is the application setting that will allow you to have access to different functions. You can choose between three levels:

  • High: you have all the features that Alertcops offers (sending alerts, security notices, Guardian, geopositioned alerts, SOS Button, etc.)
  • Medium: you will only have positioned alerts or receive security warnings if you are in the affected area at the time these features are activated. In no case can you use the Guardian function or the SOS Button.
  • Low: with this level of security you will only be able to send alerts to the FFFCC. In other words, you will not have features such as geopositioning alerts, security notices, the Guardian service or the SOS button.

You can change your Security Level in the "MORE" menu.

Alertcops is availablel throughout the Spanish territory except in the Basque Country and Catalonia.

In this case, please send us your question by e-mail to the following address: and we will be happy to answer it as soon as possible.

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