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The 'Alertcops' app will have a specific tab activated during the San Fermín festivities.

The 'Alertcops' app, a mobile tool that allows the victim or witness of a supposed crime and the Civil Guard and National Police to be located in real time, will have a specific tab activated "to enhance public safety" during the San Fermín festiviti

La Vanguardia · 06/07/2023

The 'Alertcops' app, a mobile tool that allows victims or witnesses of alleged crimes to be located in real time, along with the Civil Guard and National Police, will have a specific tab activated "to enhance public safety" during the San Fermín festivities.

In the event of receiving an alert, the location is immediately geopositioned, and it is sent to the patrol closest to the incident.

The app also includes the 'Guardian Function', which allows the user's position to be shared with a designated third party. This third party can view the user's location on a map, "which is useful for sharing the location of a person with certain dependencies, such as a child with their parents or relatives, even outside of Spain, always with the consent of those involved."

Once the app is installed, the user can generate an alert by selecting an option through icons that best describes the situation they want to communicate to the State Security Forces and Corps.

By confirming the alert, the user's information and location are sent to the nearest National Police or Civil Guard Assistance Center, which will be forwarded to the police force that can respond more swiftly if necessary.

Additionally, the application allows users to discreetly send videos or photos that "enable the police to assess the extent of the situation or even identify specific details more accurately. It is particularly useful for communicating with foreigners as it supports over a hundred languages."

Even operators at assistance centers can send specific security messages to users, such as requests for collaboration in the search for a missing minor, warnings about risk areas, alerts about the presence of pickpockets, or emergency situations that have occurred.

This is a free app developed by the Ministry of the Interior, ensuring compliance with data protection laws, and "no external company is involved." It is directly managed by the respective law enforcement agencies, and "explicit permission is only required from those who wish to be geolocated, which is of particular interest to vulnerable individuals, victims of violence, etc."

'Alertcops' is free to download from the Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store) operating systems, and it is available in Spanish, Basque, English, French, German, Italian, and Russian. Additionally, thanks to an online translation service, agents can communicate with users in over a hundred languages through the integrated chat feature, "which is especially useful for foreign visitors during the San Fermín festival in Pamplona."

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