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Approximately 275 agents from the Civil Guard will form the operation for the opening of the Puerta del Perdón.

An exclusive section for the Lebaniego Way will be enabled on the ALERTCOPS platform, and a Civil Guard pilgrim assistance van will travel along the main sections.

Cantabria TV · 04/04/2023 [Spanish]

Approximately 275 agents from the Civil Guard will form the security operation for the Opening of the Puerta del Perdón (Gate of Forgiveness) at the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, which will take place on Sunday, April 16th, marking the beginning of the Lebaniego Jubilee Year.

The Government Delegate in Cantabria, Ainoa Quiñones, chaired the Security Board meeting on Tuesday for the operation of the Puerta del Perdón opening and the concerts organized by the regional government in Potes and Santo Toribio.

Quiñones emphasized "the common goal of all administrations for the Jubilee Year to be a success, and for that, the safety of attendees to both religious and cultural events is essential."

Therefore, she praised the work that the Civil Guard will carry out for the Puerta del Perdón opening and the major events that will take place in the Liébana region through a Special Security Plan prepared for this Lebaniego Jubilee Year.

This plan was presented at the Security Board meeting, attended by the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport, and Trade, Javier López Marcano, who expressed gratitude for the exceptional security measures designed to ensure the safety of the Lebaniego Jubilee Year.

"Everything is ready for the start of this event of exceptional interest. More than 400 activities have been organized in just the first semester. We have been working for months on this operation to ensure that everything goes perfectly," López Marcano highlighted.

The meeting was also attended by Colonel Antonio Orantos of the Civil Guard, Provincial Traffic Chief José Miguel Tolosa, the Chief of the State Road Authority in Cantabria, Rosendo Martínez, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Santander, Sergio Llata, the Prior of the Monastery of Santo Toribio, José María Lucas, and the President of the Holy Cross Brotherhood, José Redondo, among others.

The Special Security Plan for the Lebaniego Jubilee Year establishes various special deployments of the Civil Guard aimed at ensuring the smooth running of scheduled activities and during pilgrimages in this jubilee period.

The largest deployment will correspond to the Opening of the Puerta del Perdón on April 16th, where maintaining public order, ensuring citizen safety, and maintaining road safety will be the main focus of the operation, involving around 275 personnel.

The Reserve and Security Group (ARS), the Traffic Group, the Air Service of the Civil Guard, the Pegaso Team for drone control, the Weapons Intervention Unit, the Citizen Security Units, and the USECIC will all participate.

In addition, a Civil Guard pilgrim assistance van will travel along the road sections of the Lebaniego Way, and the route will also be secured with the presence of the Mounted Group, the SEPRONA (Nature Protection Service), the ROCA Team (Anti-Rural Crime), and the GREIM (Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group) for the most challenging sections.

The Civil Guard is also expected to be present in hostels located in the final stages of each section, so that anyone in need of assistance or advice can receive it.

Furthermore, the Secretary of State for Security plans to enable an exclusive tab for the Lebaniego Way on the ALERTCOPS platform, similar to the one for the Camino de Santiago. Those who register in the application, available on Android and iOS systems, will be able to receive notifications and messages related to their safety.

Additionally, the Civil Guard in Cantabria has set up an email address for any communication or contributions from citizens and pilgrims to reach the Civil Guard.

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