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AlertCops includes a new alert to report cases of squatting

A new alert is now available in AlertCops that allows those affected, owners, neighbors or any other user who detect a case of squating to immediately bring the facts to the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies.

The new version of the app with this alert, called “squatting”, has been available since last Wednesday, September 23, 2020 in the official application markets.

To warn of this type of act, the user will have at his disposal the icon "squatting", which he must press whether he is a victim or a witness. As with the rest of the alerts in the app, users can also attach photos or videos about the event.

The alerts will be sent to the police center that is closest to the user where the action protocol will be activated according to the instruction that the Ministry for Home Affairs has launched for this type of criminal act. This protocol indicates, among other issues, that, in the event of house raids, Law Enforcement Agencies may proceed to immediate eviction without the need to request judicial measures in case of flagrant crime.

Cases of squatting

Report any criminal act only with your mobile. On the initial screen of the application you will find a menu of icons. If you have been a victim or witness of a crime, you only have to press the specific icon, for example, to report a robbery, a disappearance or an assault, among others. Likewise, the Law Enforcement Agencies will carry out treatment actions, information and advice to victims of this type of case, for which they will take advantage of the contact and information channels to the citizen of their official web pages, social networks and AlertCops itself, which will collect recommendations and preventive messages and general information on how to act in case of being victims of this type of crime.

AlertCops is a service provided through a free application on mobile devices that provides a direct channel with the Law Enforcement Agencies to communicate an event of which one is a victim or witness such as robberies, cases of gender violence or, from now, squatting.

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