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AlertCops incorporates an SOS button to reinforce the protection of victims of gender violence and healthcare personnel

AlertCops includes an SOS button, a new functionality aimed at reinforcing the protection of two specific groups: victims of gender violence and healthcare personnel. This button allows these groups, in a risky situation, to send an urgent alert to the nearest police center, along with their position, as well as a 10-second audio recording of what is happening. To do this, they only have to press this button repeatedly 5 times in less than 6 seconds. All this without accessing the app since this button will be accessible from the home screen of your mobile.

How does this button work?

  • In order to use this new functionality, the user must have the app installed and register.
  • Subsequently, you must access the PERSONAL DATA section, in the "MORE"" tab of AlertCops, to identify your membership in the corresponding vulnerable group.
  • Thus, if they belong to the group of victims of gender violence, they will identify themselves in this section with the code “AVDG” and their DNI or NIE.
  • To identify yourself as healthcare personnel, you must enter the code "APSA" and, as in the previous case, your DNI or NIE. If the user is a health professional and at the time of registering with the AlertCops as a member of the group using the code "APSA" and his DNI or NIE, a message is shown indicating that his identifier does not appear in the Register of the indicated group, he must contact your Professional College or Health Center to update the Registry data, as indicated by the Ministry of Health in its web. If your data is not found in the State Registry of Health Professionals, you will not be able to have the SOS button.

¿How to comunicate an alert?

Communicating an SOS alert is very simple. Simply press this button five times in less than six seconds to send an emergency signal to the State Security Forces and Corps along with the position of the person affected. In addition, the alert will also send a 10-second audio recording that will allow for more information on what is happening to the citizen, thus offering a more effective, quick and accurate response.

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