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AlertCops will accompany the pilgrims attending the 80th anniversary of the ‘Javieradas'

Las Javieradas, the celebrations in honor of San Francisco Javier that are held every year in the town of Javier (Navarra), turn 80 years old. "Every step counts" is the slogan chosen to commemorate this event that will attract a large number of attendees, from all parts of the country. And like last year, AlertCops is again present to accompany the pilgrims along the way and complement the security measures deployed during the weekends of March 8 and 14.

Javieradas attendees who have the app installed on their mobile devices may receive geolocated security notices in the event of an emergency in the area, for example, to alert the disappearance of an older person during the celebrations.

Thanks to this tool, in addition, any walker who is a victim or witness of a crime or risk situation can send with his mobile a real-time geolocated alert in an easy, fast and intuitive way. The "Alerta Javieradas", designed specifically for "Las Javieradas"", will be received by the Law Enforcement Agencies operating center closest to the area, thus guaranteeing more effective assistance.

Also, with the Guardian function, any user can share their position with third parties and view it on the map of the app. In this way, in the event of any alert or risk situation, the user can send their position to both the family member or relative assigned as Guardian and to the Law Enforcement Agencies.

This specific service will be operational during all the days in which these popular parties are held with the aim of offering an alternative security channel for all attendees.

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