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To El Rocío with AlertCops

Hello, Rocío pilgrims! One of the most anticipated moments of the year is approaching: the Romería de El Rocío. But before we put on our boots and embark on this adventure, we want to talk to you about an important topic: pilgrim safety.

A key tool to ensure our peace of mind on the journey is AlertCops, a mobile app that offers a variety of services designed to keep you informed and connected at all times. From emergency alerts to quick assistance, AlertCops has become a valuable resource for us, the pilgrims.

A standout feature of AlertCops is its "Alerta Geo" service. What does this mean? It means that it uses geolocation technology to send us specific alerts based on our location. This way, we can receive updated information about potential risks on the way to El Rocío. Road closed? Unexpected changes in the weather? With Alerta Geo, we'll be ready for any situation that arises.

Additionally, AlertCops allows us to send discreet alerts in moments of danger or make emergency calls with just the press of a button. This provides us with an extra layer of security and gives us peace of mind as we pilgrimage.

So, Rocío pilgrims, download AlertCops and let the pilgrimage begin with all the safety you deserve!

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