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The Civil Guard recommends to install AlertCops so that Citizens can communicate with the Law Enforcement agents in a fast and effective manner.

There will be specific, temporary buttons in the app for great events and festivals like ZEVRA, IBOGA, MEDUSA and MEDITERRANEA. They will send security news regarding the development of the event.

​​​​​​ELPERIODIC.COM · 22/07/2022

The Civil Guard of Valencia want to inform about ALERTCOPS, an app for the citizens to communicate with the Law Enforcement Authorities in a fast and precise way. Any citizen will be able to inform about any kind of situation: vandalism, theft, bullying, sexual harassment, gender violence, SOS alerts, etc…

With the arrival of summer and the holiday season (also with the spreading of summer festivals), the appearance of all kind of situations and incidents is unavoidable. AlertCops will allow citizens to send alerts, as well as attaching pictures and video files for the Law Enforcement agents. In addition to this, the app uses geolocation to help  citizens when in an accident.

Agente de Guardia Civil en el recinto de uno de los festivales de música que han tenido lugar en la Comunidad Valenciana durante el verano de 2022

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