Frequently Asked Questions

In case of any doubt or question about AlertCops service, please do not hesitate to contact

What is the User identification?

Your user identification may be your DNI, NIE or passport numbers (letter included). Once you sign in for the first time and validation process has been done with the SMS, you do not have to identify again unless you uninstall the applicationIf you have entered the wrong user identification or there is any change in it (DNI or NIE), please contact

I have entered a wrong mobile phone number during sign up process

Please contact

I do not receive the SMS

If you do not receive the validation code and you have multiple SIM cards in your mobile phone device, the message with validation code is only received in the Main Card.

Error "You can not use this application without SIM"

AlertCops needs that the terminal has a valid SIM.

Can I use the application on several phones with the same user identification?

You can associate up to three telephone numbers to the same user identification (DNI, NIE, Passport). This feature is useful if you want, for example, to provide a mobile phone with AlertCops to a relative or a minor, without having to register them. This association is made from the option "MORE -> ASSOCIATED TERMINALS". Once added, you have to install AlertCops on the linked mobile and proceed to validate it on the home screen.

I have changed my phone number, what do I have to do?

It is necessary to uninstall the app and reinstall it. In the start screen you have to validate the new number by pressing "VALID YOUR MOBILE PHONE". You will receive an SMS validation code to finish the process. If you no longer use the mobile phone number please contact

Can I modify my data? And unsubscribe from AlertCops?

Your user data can be modified in "MORE -> MY DATA". You will definitely unsubscribe from the AlertCops service in "MORE -> UNSUBSCRIBE".

Does AlertCops have always access to my location?

No. Only your location will be sent when you communicate an alert or decide to enable a GUARDIAN.

Could I be assisted in another language?

Once you have sent an alert and the chat is enabled, you can select the language in which you want to be assisted by pressing the icon located in the top right corner of the chat screen.

Could I inform about other events?

Yes, by using the CHAT option, you can inform the Law Enforcement Authorities about any matter or concern.