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Direct and effective

In case of emergency, your position is sent to the nearest police forces. You will be immediately attended

Close and discreet

In situations of risk, you may collaborate with police forces to help other citizens

"The security forces deal with 63 cases of bullying, communicated with the app AlertCops"

Valencia, Agencia EFE



If you are a victim or witness of a risk situation, you may contact through the chat or send us photos and videos. You will get immediate attention from the Law Enforcement Agencies

Located warnings

Depending on the area you are in, you may receive citizen security warnings to be prepared and collaborate with the Law Enforcement Agencies.



Whenever you want, you may share your location with whoever you want. In case of emergency, the rescue will be faster and more accurate

"AlertCops allows the arrest of a man who broke the restraining order"

Andalucia, Diario La Vanguardia

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5 safety tips for the Elderly


Protecting citizens is one of the main missions of the Law Enforcement Agencies. Elderly is one of the groups most vulnerable to possible crimes and requires special protection. These 5 tips serve as preventive measures against those situations of risk that most frequently affect our elders, such as robberies or cases of disappearance.

Elderly hands
  • Do not open the door of your house to strangers. Do not trust false technicians (gas, electricity...) or representatives of an official institution that come to your home unexpectedly. Confirm the visit by calling your company and do not sign any documents. You will avoid surprises as robberies!

  • Care where you walk: always on the inside of the sidewalk. If you carry a bag, it is better to use a handle bag and without a strap to avoid pulling. And if you are the victim of one of these pulls, do not offer resistance: you can be dragged and suffer physical damage.

Tips for seniors
  • Change the lock of your home if you cannot find your keys and believe that someone may have stolen them.

  • If you go out on the street, bring your cell phone with battery and the number phones of your relatives always recorded. If you have a relative you care about, take precautions: you must know the places where you usually walk; you must always have your mobile phone, a phonebook, your medication (if necessary) and install geolocation applications such as AlertCops.

  • Visit the elderly (relatives or close friends) of your environment at least once a week, and especially if they live alone: you will keep them company and you will make sure everything is in order.

The latest version of the application (4.0.) is available in the official markets of Android and iOS. Download it now and you will have another way of security in your pocket!

What is the AlertCops ‘Test Alert'?


One of the AlertCops icons that you will find in your start menu is the "test alert". This alert, unlike the other buttons that you will find in it, is not used to communicate a criminal act to the Security Enforcement Agencies. Here we explain what it is for.

Verify your app with this icon

The application's test alert allows you to verify if the system is working well. What does this mean? This means that when you press this icon, the app checks that your alerts are going to be processed properly. After pressing it, if everything is correct, the message that will appear in the application will be the following: "The system can process your alerts".

Is this the alert that I should press if I want to try the app? Our advice is that if you want to know how AlertCops works, do it using this icon. In this way, you will make sure that the app is operational and that it will respond satisfactorily when the time comes to use it, before a real alert or emergency. In addition, with this alert you facilitate the work of the operators that attend the alerts, thus achieving a faster and more efficient service.

What do I do if the test alert gives me an error? First, you should check that you have installed the latest version of AlertCops (4.0); otherwise, we recommend that you uninstall the previous one and download and install the new one. If the problem persists, you can contact us detailing your incidence to to be able to give you a personalized and effective response.

AlertCops 'Test Alert'

AlertCops 'Test Alert' Message

AlertCops incorporate a specific alert for the ‘Javieradas 2019'

Javieradas AlertCops

The 'Javieradas 2019', which are held on the weekends of March 10 and 16, are celebrating their 79th edition. This popular party takes place in the town of Javier, in Navarra, in honor of San Francisco Javier and has a high participation of citizens from all over the country. The AlertCops application launches for this event a specific version: those who attend the 'Javieradas 2019' and download the application can receive geolocated security warnings if there is an emergency in the area.

Javieradas Application Alert

A tradition with centuries of history

Javierada is the term for an event that has centuries of history. Its origin seems to date back to the 19th century. At that time, on March 4, 1886, the Provincial Council of Navarra organized a pilgrimage to the castle of Javier, symbol of this Navarra town, to venerate San Francisco Javier. The reason was the celebration of a fact: Navarra was one of the few regions that did not suffer the cholera epidemic during this year and they believed that the saint was the one who had helped them avoid it.

This anecdote is still commemorated today. Every year, in the month of March, thousands of pilgrims circulate on the roads of the town until the end of the route: the castle of Javier. A pilgrimage of more than 50 kilometers where a festive atmosphere is breathed. This year, the event also has a wide deployment of security.

Javieradas Alert

As an additional tool to increase security during the 'Javieradas 2019', AlertCops incorporates a personalized alert that will remain active during all days that this event takes place and will only be displayed in the area defined for it. Through the app, users who are in Javieradas will be able to communicate any incident to the authorized security centers. In addition, they may receive informative notices to collaborate, for example, in the location of missing children in the area. Likewise, in case of an emergency, they will receive specific advice for the detected emergency. All with the objective that citizens who attend these days have a communication channel with the Law Enforcement Agencies that is quick and effective.

How do I report a crime with AlertCops?

Thief stealing house

Did you just suffer a robbery on your street? You cannot locate a relative and you think he has been lost? If you find yourself in these situations or simply want to feel more secure at all times, AlertCops is the application you need. With it you will have a direct communication channel with the the Law Enforcement Agencies. Everything through your smartphone!

AlertCops is free and allows you to communicate crimes to the the Law Enforcement Agencies in a simple and very discreet manner. To use it you just have to register, open the app and press the alert button specific to your icons menu. This way your position will reach the nearest control center. It's as if you were taking an agent of the Law Enforcement Agencies by your side!

Application Main Menu

A simple and intuitive menu of icons

Communicate any criminal act only with your mobile. In the initial screen of the application you will find a menu of icons. If you have been a victim or witness of a crime, you only have to press the specific icon, for example, to communicate a robbery, a disappearance or an assault, among others.

What happens when I press an alert button? The application asks you a series of questions about the crime you want to communicate:

  1. Do you want to send an image or video? You can send a photo, for example, of a theft or a video reporting a fight, an act of vandalism...

  2. To whom has it happened? You can indicate if the alert has happened to you or you have witnessed it.

  3. After pressing the CONFIRM button, your position and your data will be sent to the Law Enforcement Agencies.

The latest version of the application (4.0.) is available in the official markets of Android and iOS. Download it now and you will have another way of security in your pocket!

AlertCops is now available


The new and redesigned app, AlertCops, is now available on Google Play and App Store. The new features included in this version will improve your security. If you want update it, it is necessary to delete the previous version of your mobile and download the new version from the markets.

AlertCops allows you to share your position with the people you want or with a rescue center. You can also send photos and videos to the public security services or periodically send your position during the time the alert is active. Moreover, you will receive security, emergency or informational notifications depending on where you are or chat with public security services in your own language.

Civil guards on motorcycle

Cops on horseback

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